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        Enterprise idea

        Enterprise idea:

        High moral and exquisite techniques 
        Harmony and trust
        Innovation and arduous efforts
        Keep pace with the times


        Management policy:-澳门金沙

        Scientific innovations, produce high quality products, create safe environment, achieve civilization and clean production
        Compliance to the laws, satisfy the customers, make the employees healthy, eliminate pollution and occupational hazards


        Our company has successfully received three new “Shidao” trademark registration certificates-金沙国际

          Recently, our company has successfully received three new “Shidao” brand trademark registration certificates issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the registration numbers are 4297520, 4297521 and 4297522 respectively. The approved goods that can use the trademark are the 21st class, including: small glass bottle (container), glass bottle (container), wide-mouth glass bottle (acid carboy), glass jar (altar), glass cup (container), daily-use glassware (including cup, dish, kettle and cylinder), medicine bottle, beer cup, drinking ware, non-precious metal goblet. The validity of the trademark registration certificate issued this time is from November 21, 2007 to November 20, 2017. 


        Trademark connotation:

        1. Taking the Oracle form of the Chinese character of “stone” (shi) as the constituent elements, complemented by the abstract form “circle” of the Chinese character of “islands” (dao), to express the connotation of “stone island (Shidao)”;
        2. The logo is the art form evolved from the first letter of English word “GLASS”;
        3. Using the earthly red to symbolize the earth, all things growing on earth, and the soil producing golden, to metaphorically express that the company benefits form the gift of the earth, and economic efficiency can be increasing
        4. The shape of the logo is like a wide avenue, to express that “Shidao” continues to move forward, reflecting the innovation spirit of the company;
        5. The logo constitutes the connotation of cycle, to metaphorically express not only the endless tenacious vitality of the company, but also the firm tenacity of the company.

         1、The upper half of the trademark is the art form of S and D, the initial of Chinese Pinyin of both “Shandong” and “Shidao”, saying the company is headquartered in Shidao, Shandong.
         2、 the overall trademark is round, like the running clock, to metaphorically express perfection, harmony, progress and development, reflecting the company philosophy, striving for perfection and never satisfied with the status quo, showing the company spirit of innovation and advancing with the times.

        金沙国际 1. The overall shape of the pattern is a flying roc, which and the company name are homonyms and synonyms, to express that the company will grow dramatically like a flying roc;
         2. The pattern is the shorthand of “Huapeng”, the deformable HP; the left part is the deformation of H, the right part the deformation of P;
         3. The standard color of pattern is sapphire blue, symbolizing the opening and civilization of the East, as well as jewel-like quality of the company’s products