Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday YA Vault (5)

This meme is hosted by Short and Sweet in an effort to showcase some YA novels that have been forgotten or glanced over. So many of us in the YA book blogging community concentrate on the newer releases but sometimes it's okay to go back to the older stuff too. Rules are simple:
1.  The book MUST be a YA book (hence the name).
2.  The book has to be at least one year older than the date you post it (meaning today's books have to be published earlier than October 2010)

Seeing as how Halloween is on the way I figured I'd pull out two of my FAVORITE books when I was younger:

Do any of you remember these books? I was OBSESSED with them! I've always loved Halloween and anything scary. I was THAT girl that would pick this book up, turn off the lights, get a flashlight and read it in the dark making spooky voices. These stories were the bomb and some of them actually were really creepy! Ahh...the good ole days :)

What are you bringing outta the vault? Any old scary books?!


Jenna Cooper said...

I didn't really like scary books when I was younger. I didn't even read Goosebumps! But I actually remember in high school reading a few stories out of those books on Halloween at a friend's house.

Abby said...

I remember those! How fun! Man...I am having a hard time thinking of one to contribute. I swear, during jr. high and high school I read a lot of Mary Higgins Clark mysteries. LOL! I love her books, but it's a shame I didn't read more YA. Now I read tons of YA! Go figure!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Super old but...Flowers in the Attic. I remember reading that as a teen and being super scared.

bibliophilica said...

Try some ghost stories of M. R. James. He had a lot of good ones. :-)